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The Speakeasy

The definition of a speakeasy is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. They became prominent in the United States during the prohibition era, approximately from 1920-1933, when the sale, manufacturing and transportation of alcoholic beverages were illegal. They were so called because you were to speak quietly about such a place in public, or so as not to alert the police or neighbors when you were inside it.

In memory of those secret nightclubs, the Speakeasy on the garden level of the Argo Hotel features a dance floor and jukebox with popular music so you can boogie down. Above the dance floor is an actual working disco ball. Two fireplaces cozy up this historic hideaway. One is in the main room and the other is in the “Just Because” room, located just off the dance floor. This room can be used for a romantic dinner for two, small business meetings or private dinners.

The lounge area boasts a restored 100 year old bar that has a history of a gunfight complete with bullet holes and a player piano with some great music from yesteryear. There is also a wide screen TV to watch the big game on game day while enjoying drinks and munchies or to watch uninterrupted movies.

The Speakeasy is a versatile series of rooms that can be used for private parties, wedding receptions, business meetings or any social event. Reserve it today for your special gathering.