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About the Innkeeper

The current owner of the Historic Argo Hotel, Sandy (Tramp) Thunker, was born on a farm 4 miles outside of Crofton, Nebraska, where she lived until her father died when she was just nine years old. At that time, her mother sold the farm and moved to town, where she sometimes had to take Sandy to visit the office of the local doctor, Dr. Charles Swift, Jr. He lived in the same building where his office was located, a building formerly known as the Argo Hotel. Although it looked much different than it does now, she remembers the chairs that sat along the great oak staircase where patients would sit and wait to see the doctor. She reminisces about sitting in one of those chairs, waiting her turn, and looking up the long staircase to see an ominous huge closed door at the top. Her extremely curious child’s mind wondered what was up there, but assumed only adults were allowed and was too afraid to even ask about it. Today she owns the beautifully renovated hotel, the door is gone, and she can go upstairs and look whenever it suits her.
She married her high school sweetheart, had two beautiful children and they traveled and lived in many places during her husband’s military career. But she always considered Crofton her home. She always loved the Argo and had been trying to buy it for over 6 years. Finally, her dream of owning the Argo is a reality. She happily invites you to come hear the history of the hotel and the town, eat some delicious food while listening to live entertainment and enjoy a relaxing stay at the Historic Argo Hotel.
About the Innkeeper of Argo Hotel in Crofton, Nebraska